Davao Medical School Foundation

Established in the year 1976 and was the first MedicalCollege to be set up in Mindanao. The students are affiliated to Southern Philippines Medical Centre(SPMC), Davao Doctors' Hospital, San Pedro Hospital & Brokenshire Memorial Hospital,which have a combined bed strength of more than 4000 beds for the clinical practice. Ranked among the Top 6 Medical Colleges in the Philippines.The information you may get or pick from here comes with an opportunity that will somehow be useful as you get on with life, an individual – globally prepared and competitive.

    DMSF is a 40 year old medical college and is recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
    Globally recognized Degree also approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
    No Donations.
    Most preferred medical college to study MBBS in Philippines by Indian Students.
    Only multi specality hospital in Mindanano area to have advanced equipments.


The Davao Medical School Foundation offers various courses related to Health and Medical sciences. Some of the major courses available at the DMSF medical colleges are

    Bachelor of Science in Biology(BS)
    Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
    The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).
    Master in Health Professionals Education(MHPEd) .
    Master In Community Health(MCH).
    Master in Participatory Development(MPD).
    Bachelor of Science in Midwifery.

College of Medicine

Davao Medical School Foundation offers MBBS in Philippines for Indian students. The college follows American education pattern (MD degree). They focus on providing God-centered, competent, compassionate, ethical and socially responsive graduates, faculty, staff and health care provider to the society.

College of Dentistry​

The College of Dentistry is the cornerstone for dental education, research, patient care and community service for the people of Southern Mindanao and has consistently maintained a high standard of quality dental education – being ranked as one of the top dental schools in the country.

College of Nursing​​

DMSF College of Nursing signifies God who is always our source of strength and who provides us with knowledge and skills to do our compassionate task in nursing. Men and women of today who wish to commit themselves to the nursing profession with the power of God will serve better by understanding the needs of patients.

Midwifery Program​​​

The DMSF College of Midwifery aims to graduate Professional Midwives who are competent, confident, compassionate, caring, and analytical who applies a systematic, evidence-based approach in responding creatively and sensitively to the needs of pregnant women and their families.

Nellie Kellog Van Schaick Scholarship Program

The main objective of this scholarship is to help the people of Mindanao by creating more doctors. The scholarship program also focuses on providing financial aid for students of DMSF who are unable to pay their tuition. There are more than 500 students who are now doctors due to this Nellie Kellog Van Schaick Scholarship program of the Davao Medical School Foundation. Find out more about applying for this scholarship below

Implementation of Nellie Kellog Van Schaick Scholarship Program

Implementation of the scholarship program is done through the Scholarship Committee as recommended by the Dean of the DMSF. The committee consists of a minimum of three to five members with one as the Chairperson. The Committee members shall serve the office for a period of two years and may subject to reappointment.

Requirements for Scholarships

The scholarship committee should accept the students request for the scholarship program. For first-year students, the aspirant must have an average of 85 or better in their BS Degree. To maintain or renew the scholarship,
Full scholars: an average of 82 or better without a grade less than 78 in any subject.
Partial scholars: an average of 80 or better with NO grade below 75 in any subject.
All the students who are applying for scholarships will be reevaluated yearly. Based on their academic performance or their financial needs, the scholarship committee may upgrade it from partial to full or downgrade from full to partial, or even discontinue the scholarship grant.

Indian Fees structure

Study Of Coaching Totally 4 Years .

    Tution Fee Per year is 3,50,000
    Hostel Fee Per month is 12000
    Documentation & Visa Fee is 1,40,000

USD Fees structure

Study Of Coaching Totally 4 Years .

    Tution Fee Per year is $ 5,100
    Hostel Fee Per month is 12000
    Documentation & Visa Fee is 1,40,000