Student Visa

Tertiary Student Visas – University or other

New Zealand is a popular destination for tertiary study, and studying at New Zealand universities can often lead to permanent residence in New Zealand. Most international students need to apply for a student visa before they are able to live and study in New Zealand. Once a student has gained a New Zealand qualification, post-study work visas provide a pathway for finding suitable employment that may in time lead to permanent residence under the skilled migrant category. If you would like help working through your tertiary student visa application please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Primary & Secondary School Student Visas

Primary and secondary students who are dependent children of some visa holders, such as mid-skilled work visa holders, are able to apply for student visas to allow them to study as domestic students at primary or secondary schools. Fees are significantly lower than international student fees.

Note that immigration policy varies, depending on the category of the principal visa holder, therefore if you need a visa for study, contact us today to see which option may be best for you.